Contract Subject to Building and Pest Inspection

When buying a property, it is important to ensure that you are fully aware of its condition before signing on the dotted line. This is where a contract subject to building and pest inspection comes into play.

A contract subject to building and pest inspection is a clause that can be added to a sale contract, allowing the buyer to obtain a professional inspection report on the property before committing to the purchase. This clause is commonly used in Australia, where building and pest inspections are standard practice.

Why are building and pest inspections important?

Building and pest inspections are essential for identifying any issues with a property that may not be visible to the naked eye. A professional inspector will thoroughly examine the property, looking for any signs of structural damage, water damage, or pest infestations.

Without a building and pest inspection, the buyer may be unaware of any issues with the property, which could lead to costly repairs and maintenance down the track. By including this clause in the contract, the buyer has the opportunity to back out of the sale or negotiate a lower price if any issues are identified.

What does the clause typically include?

The clause typically includes a few key details, such as the time frame for the inspection, who is responsible for arranging the inspection, and what happens if any issues are identified.

The time frame for the inspection is usually around 14-21 days from the date the contract is signed. This gives the buyer sufficient time to arrange the inspection and receive the report before making a final decision on the purchase.

The person responsible for arranging the inspection is usually the buyer, as they are the ones who will be paying for the report. However, the seller may offer to arrange the inspection as part of the sale process.

If any issues are identified in the inspection report, the clause will outline what happens next. This could include the buyer backing out of the sale, negotiating a lower price, or requesting that the seller rectifies any issues before the sale is completed.

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